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Anhui Zhongshi Xingguang Fused Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with high grade casting material, unshaped material and silicon based energy-saving material. It has 59 years of production history and has long been committed to float glass, solar glass, crystal Glass, optical glass, glass, glass, aerospace technology, electronic technology, petrochemical, ceramics, metallurgy, titanium and special steel industry to provide quality refractory and kiln engineering and technical services.

AZS series

A fused refractory containing zirconia has a good resistance...

Al2O3 series

Products with non-polluting glass, good anti-glass liquid erosion performance.

other products

Unshaped refractory products are the main performance of...


About us

  Anhui Zhong Cai Starlight Refractory Co., Ltd (CSR) is a hi-tech enterprise fully dedicated to high grade fused-cast refractory, monolithics and sil......[more]

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